The projects below reflect almost 10 years of experience and passion, solving problems for some of the world’s biggest brands.
They were created in collaboration with a number of talented designers, developers, writers and strategists.


A little about what I am good at.

Brand Management Brand Management

Build lasting client relationships and help create a connection between a company’s product and the emotional perception of the target customer with the goal of building brand loyalty.

Digital Media Digital Media

Project work includes an emphasis in web and mobile design, user experience, media strategy, animated banners, rich media takeovers, social media integrations, and influencer marketing.

Project Management Project Management

Initiate, plan, and execute. Sounds simple, but the proper management of a project is crucial in making sure you achieve your specific goals and meet client’s expectations.

About Me

"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen."



The experience and perspective I’ve gained from traveling is the greatest form of currency. Leaving the familiar comfort of home to retrace the steps of the ancient Incan Empire, explore the streets of Rome, or navigate through the intricate London Tube provides me with a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Contradictory to my (logical) nature, I’m […]



For me, sports represent equal parts escape and nostalgia. I appreciate them for what they taught me as a kid, and love them for their ability to help me disconnect, if only for a few hours. In the moment it’s all about the game, but it’s amazing how many values and life lessons are learned as […]

That Dad Life

That Dad Life

It’s hard to put into words. As much as you can prepare, you are never truly ready. I thought I had a grasp on the impact this would have on my life, but it’s as if I was lulled into this false sense of confidence only to receive a heavy dose of reality on delivery day. […]


A little about what people think of my work.

“Good-humored, always professional, and reliable, it has been a delight to watch Sebastian mature from a junior-level marketer, to an ambitious digital thinker.”

- Gi-Gi Downs
Digital Strategy Director, Lunchbox

“Sebastian’s passion and expertise provided us with an incredible asset in pitching and winning new business. His creativity and knowledge enhanced our overall project.”

- Lucas Vandenberg
CEO, Fifty&Five

“Sebastian was a trusted partner to our brand team at Nestle. He always kept the challenges of the business top of mind, and he always delivered on time.”

- Terence Thomas
Brand Manager, Nestlé